Medical history card

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The Melchior P. Beller patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates to medical record cards to provide personal medical information about a patient in times of medical emergency. In times of medical emergency, it is important for medical personnel to gain immediate access to the medical history file of a patient. Medical history of allergies, chronic diseases and conditions of the blood is usually learned before any treatment can begin as no treatment was initiated with a toxic effect because of a now present a chronic condition in patients. This information should usually be obtained without the help of patients and therefore difficult to obtain quickly when only the recognition of the patient can be determined from the license of a driver or similar recognition. To alleviate this problem, pendants and bracelets are worn by people suffering from certain conditions such as diabetes, hemophilia and antibiotic allergies. However, a need exists to provide a means for more accurate and fully describes the medical history of a man on a device that can be easily carried in all individuals.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Melchior P. Beller’s patent US 4236332 A deals with Medical history card.
A medical record card which support a card containing a portion microfilm with indicia so the human eye sign for certain chronic conditions that impact emergency treatment and indicia so by using a microfilm reader the details of medical history and patient identification data. supporting card includes the code for the indicia to alert medical personnel to chronic conditions and, in addition, contains some important data, knowledge about patients and about the nature and use of medical record card.

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