Medium for recording visual images and laser written data

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The Drexler Technology Corporation patent solves the following problem:

In the past, the motion picture industry was sound track recording a 0.1 inch wide strip of 35 mm film brought visual images. Sound usually recorded on film by varying the exposure to light corresponding to sound vibrations. Synchronize the sound with the picture allows video images with Analog data about the image.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Drexler Technology Corporation’s patent US 4503135 A deals with Medium for recording visual images and laser written data.
An optical data medium having a visual image and a laser recordable reflective direct-read-after-write data strip near the place. medium made from photographic film strip data involved. Data can be recorded to the reflective strip through a laser beam before, during, or after the photographic exposure to visual images, thus providing a compact record for archival storage of data -VISUALLY information.

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