Laminated medical data card

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The Data Medi-Card, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

This creation relates generally to a medical data card containing a summary of the medical history will be involved in his current medical condition, and especially an internal illuminated card in this manner that the front and rear transparencies component in a relatively large data capacity, the data taken as read and read directly without the need for optical lens.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Data Medi-Card, Inc.’s patent US 4648189 A deals with Laminated medical data card.
An internal illuminated medical data card in a credit card format containing a summary of the medical history will be involved in his current medical condition. The card, which is laminated construction, includes a plastic core panel with light-passing property, a face of the panel that formed on it a metallized layer functioning as a double-face mirrors. Mounted on the surface layer and the other face of the panel, respectively, the front and rear film transparencies containing medical data in a direct read scale, the combined data elements needed summary. The long side and one end of the panel in a concave formation to define reflective convex end where the light to enter the remaining flat end panel and transmitted through the convex end and by the inner surface of the glass providing many internal reflection, causing the light to shine before transparency to improve its readability. And that light outward face in the mirror serves to increase the readability behind transparency.

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