Method of forming a personal information card

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The Drexler Technology Corporation patent solves the following problem:

Identification cards used in magnetic data strips with photographic prints of the card owner. US Pat. No. 4,360,728, Drexler said a bank card for automatic teller machines bearing a strip of magnetic recording material, and a direct-read-after-write reflective laser recording material.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Drexler Technology Corporation’s patent US 4692394 A deals with Method of forming a personal information card.
Personal information is recorded in a medium of information containing the two visual images, such as a face or fingerprint, and laser recorded data. The visual images created on a piece of photographic material or eyes read laser recording material. The visual image material followed by a face of a wallet-sized card. A strip of laser recordable optical data storage material also followed the card. After the strip is placed on the card, a laser recording personal information indicia strip in situ. strip may be a reflective silver material particles in a gelatin matrix; recording spots with a noticeable difference in reflectivity. card can be coated with a transparent protective laminate material.

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