Redundant optical recording of information in different formats

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The Drexler Technology Corporation patent solves the following problem:

Silverman et al. teaching in US Pat. No. 4,213,038 an access control system with an identification card. card with machine recordable indicia used in selecting a master microspot pattern from memory in the machine. This master pattern compared to a similar pattern to the card for authentication. The card is also space for a photograph and a signature. Similarly, Idelson et al. (US Pat. No. 4,151,667) teach an identification card with a photo, and a phosphorescent bar code pattern used for authentication. The amount of information that these cards can hold very limited. Random microspot guidelines only be used for verification, while bar code only represents a small amount of specific data.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Drexler Technology Corporation’s patent US 4711996 A deals with Redundant optical recording of information in different formats.
Information recorded in situ in a wallet-sized card, throwing laser recordable material in the card, then the recording indicia, in situ, the material with a laser. At least some of the indicia of microscopic eyes read that information, along with the machine read information, read the information being redundant with at least some of the machine readable information. This visually read information recorded as the characters did in matrices nonconnected laser recorded spots. The characters may be letters, numbers and characters, or the like. The characters read with an optical magnifier. A laser beam and the light detector can be used to read digital information to scan the cards with the beam.

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