Personal information card system

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The Drexler Technology Corporation patent solves the following problem:

Identification cards used in magnetic data strips with photographic prints of the card owner.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Drexler Technology Corporation’s patent US 4745268 A deals with Personal information card system.
A system of wallet-sized visually read information related to a man made material disposed on a portion of a wallet-size card and machine readable information associated with those recorded in a laser recordable optical data storage strip disposed on the opposite side of the card. The visually read information may be a fingerprint or face done in conventional photography or with a laser. The data storage strip card would be a pre-formed strip laser recording material. Information spots recorded in the strip may be insurance, medical, banking, security or other transaction information. The two machines read information and read information read together with two optical systems, one disposed on each side of the card.

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