Method for forming data cards with registered images

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The Drexler Technology Corporation patent solves the following problem:

Identification cards used in the magnetic strips of data along with the photo card holders.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Drexler Technology Corporation’s patent US 4818852 A deals with Method for forming data cards with registered images.
Data cards formed by writing a series of secret photos in a web of photosensitive film, developing film and then subjecting the film with a web in high resolution laser optical recording tape. The webs may be joined in any of the back-to-back or in the front-to-back relationship. In the first case there is an eye to read images on one side and Optical recording tape on the opposite side. In the second case of a read image is optionally adjacent optical recording tape, but in different layers, with both read from the same side by a transparent substrate or base. The composite web cut in half lengthwise part to a massive covered area purse. Bar code recorded with hidden image that out cards for the purpose of quality control, defect cards can be correlated with particular images to a defective card again. The high resolution optical recording tape is preformatted with continuous tracks or servo data grids where no information header that registration to read, and the laser recording tape is not necessary.

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