Aperture card and printer therefor

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The Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. patent solves the following problem:

This invention relates to an aperture card given to a microfilm in a window, and a printer for aperture cards that record retrieval information on microfilm.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.’s patent US 5060407 A deals with Aperture card and printer therefor.
An aperture card bearing the image information in a microfilm riding in a rectangular paper sheet is widely used as recording time and prevent a large number of image information separately. The aperture card carries a microfilm records retrieval information corresponding to images of the microfilm in a peripheral position in the image. Thus the structure of this invention aperture card permits automatic recording retrieval information current with the preparation and duplication of cards, this invention realize the preparation / duplication systems for aperture cards at a lower cost initially. As the printers suitable for aperture card read retireval information recorded on microfilm and record them in the character or fist, it will reduce the cost of systems for the abridgment of the manufacturing process and increase the memorandum paper capacity. printers can be used in automatic system to the punch.

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