Composite medical information and identity card

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The Giesen Peter J Van, , Danyo J Joseph patent solves the following problem:

When the human bones of a man broken, or must be replaced with artificial parts or sections for pain because of severe bone or tissue, it is common surgical practice, in the meantime, to replace deteriorating bone or connecting unhappy members in a bone by using metal members to reconnect broken on the part of a member of the bones or replace a deteriorating part of a member of the bone.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Giesen Peter J Van, , Danyo J Joseph’s patent US 5161826 A deals with Composite medical information and identity card.
A composite medical information and identity card adapted brought a man with operations that resulted in the installation of one or more metal elements in his body, when passing an inspection unit X-ray, metal results cause an alarm given. card is composite and consists of a small initial cards were shown a face with the name of the man, signs of the kind of operation, and the surgeon's name. The back of the card is laminated with little side-to-side position in one of the man's head and the X-ray of the human operation, the cards and photos sealed between two similar small plates of transparent thermoplastic film that extend beyond the edge of the card enough to be permanently heat-sealed and can be a composite card.

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