Medical information card

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The Micro Innovations, Incorporated patent solves the following problem:

It is desirable that when individuals carry with them important medical information that may be useful in times of medical emergency when medical treatment is necessary and the time of definition. Various attempts have been made to provide medical information cards. Often, however, these trials is not practical in that they require special equipment to read or included microfilm or microchip.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Micro Innovations, Incorporated’s patent US 5171039 A deals with Medical information card.
A wallet size laminated medical information card made by providing information on a variety of centers in a doctor's. The information is then transmitted to a data base in which it is reproduced format software that adjusts the volume of information to wallet size. information will be laser printed on a card that is plastic laminated and folded so that it is in the conventional size credit card, while the information on it read out using special optical devices.

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