Process for the preparation of an oil-in-water emulsion

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The Friesland (Frico-Domo) Cooperatieve B.V. patent solves the following problem:

This invention relates to the preparation of an oil-in-water emulsion suitable for the preparation of dairy or dairy-like products.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Friesland (Frico-Domo) Cooperatieve B.V.’s patent US 5268190 A deals with Process for the preparation of an oil-in-water emulsion.
A process for the preparation of a fat emulsion containing emulsifying oil or a fat in an aqueous phase, which through the use of an aqueous phase containing 0.1 to 3 wt. % Often undenatured whey protein, the calcium content, expressed in percent is whey protein, 0.2-3 wt. % And the total content of minerals based on whey protein that not more than 15 wt. %.

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