Lactobacillus sake like strains, production and use of their exopolysaccharides

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The Quest International B.V. patent solves the following problem:

A large number of food products such as mayonnaises, dressings, margarines, spreads or low-fat or zero-fat alternative, be stabilized by polysaccharides as emulsion stabilizers or thickening agents. Also in the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, polysaccharides used as emulsion stabilizers. Well known polysaccharides derived from a variety of plant seeds, for example guar gum from cyamopsis tetragonaloba (guar), or locust bean gum (LBG) from locust bean. The other well known sources are seaweeds, giving carrageenan, alginates or agar.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Quest International B.V.’s patent US 5834043 A deals with Lactobacillus sake like strains, production and use of their exopolysaccharides.
New Lactobacillus sake like the kind given product from the meat, the kind to make a exopolysaccharide with shear-thinning properties, even at low concentration, and / or thickening and / or emulsion-strengthening properties.

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