Blanks for microfilm insertions

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The Huguet; Rafael R. patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates to a blank that allows the insertion and seeing the microfilm containing the information, and especially, the kind often used for credentials, and identification cards.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Huguet; Rafael R.’s patent US 5928758 A deals with Blanks for microfilm insertions.
A blank card for identification cards and the like, including a microfilm of the predetermined information on the book by a common container such as a lens or a microscope. card includes two sheets bound together in predetermined areas, and included in each window with the same dimensions and alignment. microfilm position between two sheets reveal much of his place with the information. The edges of the microfilm that is sandwiched by two sheets defining a peripheral wall around the window. One of the embodiments contemplate the use of a space in one of the sheets in a peripheral pocket around the windows. It allows ready insertion of the microfilm. Another picture includes a flexible second sheet folds back to allow a user to take a straight edge on microfilm in abutting contact with a line interface as quickly positioning the microfilm so that a significant portion of the information disclosed. A lamination film placed on the sheets to protect the microfilm.

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