Imprinting apparatus for use in a camera

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The Canon Kabushiki Kaisha patent solves the following problem:

This invention relates to an imprinting apparatus having an imprinting means of imprinting in the different types of information in a recording medium such as a film, and that is suitable for use in a camera.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Canon Kabushiki Kaisha’s patent US 5937217 A deals with Imprinting apparatus for use in a camera.
An imprinting apparatus for use in a camera with an imprinting device including a date information imprinting mode for imprinting date information, weather information, or as a recording medium, an information message imprinting mode for imprinting messages formed the letters, numbers and characters, graphic designs or the like, or a message in the message information in a language that was changed to a message a different language if needed, and an operating device for performing different operations in imprinting device using the same operating member with respect to each date information imprinting mode and information message imprinting mode.

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