Storing personal medical information

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The Feinberg; Lawrence E. patent solves the following problem:

The invention relates to hide personal medical information.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Feinberg; Lawrence E.’s patent US 6082776 A deals with Storing personal medical information.
A system and method for data compression structures medical history information using multiple, updatable static Dictionary with an advanced probability-based model. The system is not a free text, word or phrase compressor as presented in whole or universal system of data compression. It uses a series of static Dictionary that contains structured data developed from standardized medical classification of diseases, disorders, surgical procedures and medications. By the possibility that information is used to achieve a high level of data compression in many things data at a time. The Dictionary is designed for flexible updating, efficient storage and retrieval, and data integrity. A portable medical card can be printed in compressed medical information.

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