Lactose-containing food composition for infants

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The Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. patent solves the following problem:

As a substitute for breast milk administered to a child that is not breast milk with various causes or suffering from lack of breast milk, a baby formula that the only source of protein milk protein developed. The growth account constitutional state and the children, many food products for children that the only source of protein is milk protein or milk protein processed developed. Examples of these products other than baby formula includes follow-up formulas for children older than six months of age and hydrolyzed protein formulas for children with allergies constitution.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.’s patent US 6156368 A deals with Lactose-containing food composition for infants.
A lactose-containing food compositions for infants for improving the stool color of infants closer to breast-fed infants, consisting of lactose-containing foods for children that the only source of protein is the largest protein in cow's milk and / or a processed product of milk protein in cow revised administered to children, and raffinose added to food for the children of a a ratio of at least 0.05% (by weight) in a ready-to-use state. This food composition provides food for the children that are more appropriate for children to grow (in the formula, protein hydrolyzed formula, formula for low-birth-weight infants, follow-on formula, etc.) without causing a green stool observed administer a conventional baby food for children, the only source of protein is the main protein in cow's milk and / or a process products of cow's milk protein.

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