Information recording/displaying card

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The Minolta Co., Ltd. patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates to an information recording / display card. Particularly, it relates to an information recording / display card containing an invisible information recording part and a visible information display part information written under predetermined heating conditions and written information can be erased, and an information recording / display system using the card.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Minolta Co., Ltd.’s patent US 6580481 B2 deals with Information recording/displaying card.
the invention provides an information recording / displaying card information and a recording / display system using cards that invisible information will be recorded, so that the information can be displayed as view information and see information can be written / erased as color images in a practical speed. The information recording / display card includes a visible display of information and an invisible information recording part. These parts would, for example, the front and back of the card, respectively, or arranged side by side in the front or the back face. The visible information display part includes, as a main part, a low molecular weight cholesteric liquid crystal compound having an isotropic phase transition temperature higher than a melting point, such information will be shown, once written and laid therein. The invisible information recording part, for example, a magnetic recording layer, a write-once optical recording layer of an integrated circuit memory, information can be recorded and erased.

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