Electronic identification tag

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The Deutsche Telekom Ag patent solves the following problem:

Identification tags for men is available. For example, soldiers and members of similar organizations, such as militia, Gendarmerie, border patrol, national guard, conscripted militia, wear the identification tags constant, ie, the sun and night. Recognition tag data carriers with data that is specific to a particular person. The soldiers, in particular, to bring their tags. At the present time, the tag made of sheet metal with two symmetrical halves separable by a predefined rupture groove. tag can be worn on a chain around the neck. A nationality, personal identification number, and blood type engraved as data in each of the two halves. In the event of death, a half cut and used to identify the person in question; the other half remains in the body. The basis for material selection and long-lasting debossing the data is that, should the need arise, they should be able to provide information about a particular person, even under harsh conditions, and for example, after years of destructive.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Deutsche Telekom Ag’s patent US 6693544 B1 deals with Electronic identification tag.
An electronic identification tag or card is shown, which can be equipped with a rupture joint that has a vertical, diagonal, bend, zigzag, meander-shaped or other kind of design or pattern. The electronic identification tag or card may have two sections that have a mirror-reversed design, and, therefore, the same data may be stored in the same way. Integrated, embedded, or implanted memory or microprocessor chips should have the same structure, and a section of the identification tag or card which punched holes for a necklace. Moreover, visually read data, such as a number of personal identification (PKZ), blood type (A Rh +), a nation and the name (NN), to be introduced into two sections. The electronic identification tag or card can be made in a very resistant plastic, glass, ceramics, or a similar material, the particular data carrier or memory device embedded or no understanding in fashion a chip, magnetic strip or hologram. The identification tag or card device capable of being connected through contacts or a wireless basis in a data processing system or contactless reading devices. The memory or microprocessor structure allows a very flexible structure directory. Therefore, the leading directory in memory, for example, one can store global card data, such as personal numbers recognition (PKZ), country, name (NN), and blood type (a Rh +). Moreover, in the fields of data in the main directory, a store access authorizations, and the subdirectories, for example, training or special skills of a man who was shall dress this summer.

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