Matrix-forming composition containing pectin

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The N.V. Nutricia patent solves the following problem:

Obesity is a major health problem with approximately ninety-seven million people considered clinically overweight in the United States.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

N.V. Nutricia’s patent US 6884445 B2 deals with Matrix-forming composition containing pectin.
A part of the present invention relates to a liquid food composition with a pH greater than 6, a viscosity below 600 MPAs in a shear rate of 100s1 and 20 C., and a viscosity of at least 125% of the aforementioned viscosity at a pH below 5 and a temperature of 37 C., the composition comprising at least 0.05 wt. % Pectin having a degree of methoxylation between 2 and 50 and / or alginate; at least 5 mg calcium per 100 ml; and at least 0.1 wt. % Indigestible oligosaccharide having a degree of polymerisation between 2 and 60. Another aspect of the invention relates to a method for the treatment or prevention of overweight or obese mammals, said method comprising enteral administration to a mammal an effective amount of the aforementioned composition.

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