Nutrition bar and process of making components

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The Slim-Fast Foods Company, Division Of Conopco, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Increasingly, a focus of modern preventive medicine is the reduced weight. Excess weight often quoted in reports about the proliferation of cases of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, obesity is often mentioned in discussions of other modern diseases, such as heart disease.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Slim-Fast Foods Company, Division Of Conopco, Inc.’s patent US 7220442 B2 deals with Nutrition bar and process of making components.
A nutrition bar that contains protein in the form of pellets with high levels of selected proteins. Using all the gold to produce, nutrition bars are formulated with high levels of protein, but good taste and other organoleptic properties. The entire gold according to the invention includes more than 50 wt% of a non-soy protein selected from the group consisting of milk protein, rice protein and pea proteins, especially between 51 wt% and 99 wt %, more preferably between 52 wt% and 95 wt%, more preferably 55 wt% or over. The milk protein is the best whey protein. The whole creation of the best made using an extrusion process wherein the extrusion temperature was initiated to avoid damage to whey protein and symmetrical in flavor. In this process according to the invention, extrusion is conducted at temperatures from 60 to 140 C., after which the protein was dried using a belt / conveyor drier or a fluid bed drier. In another way to make the gel according to the invention, a low extrusion temperature of 90 C. employed one or more supercritical fluids injected by extrusion to form a puffed product.

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