Method and system for home medical management

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The Stephanie Ward patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates to a computer-based system and method for managing medical and personal information emergency one.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Stephanie Ward’s patent US 7260586 B1 deals with Method and system for home medical management.
The present invention relates to a method and system for home medical supervision in a report, a one-page, one-sided, printed records seen by the naked eye in the medical and personal emergency information generated. The report was adapted to be used on a daily basis and brought the man. A first template provided to enter data relating to emergency contact information, medical history information and personal information. The second template is given to enter the second data with information related to medicine. The first and second data on the map in predetermined areas in the report. The report is generated that includes emergency contact information with a section on emergency contacts, medical history information in a medical history section, the personal information in a personal information section and the treatment information in a section of the medical information. The first pattern may also provide for the entry of data and information related to insurance and pharmacy information and other forms of information. The treatment section of the report may include rows representing every kind of medication by name. The section of the treatment may also include columns referring to a graphic illustration of each medication, the dosage, the doctor prescribing the information and the time of day for taking each medication. The report can be used as a life saving device in an emergency situation to provide emergency personnel with the necessary information. The report also can be used during the visits to the doctor and hospital stays to eliminate mistakes and in a daily basis to handle getting the individual drugs.

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