Protein hydrolysates enriched in peptides having a carboxy terminal proline residue

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The Dsm Ip Assets B.V. patent solves the following problem:

Enzyme hydrolysates of cow's milk or pieces of cow's milk only limited application in the food industry. Nevertheless, these hydrolysates occupy interesting wall space in the market, as evidenced by the large number of literature describing and claiming optimized processes for obtaining such hydrolysates. Milk or milk fractions were subjected to enzymes with proteolytic activity to produce the hydrolysates primarily to minimize the allergenicity of the product, abdominal facilitate uptake by offering an easily absorbed thinking, and to strengthen the protein acid products against precipitation during prolonged periods of storage.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Dsm Ip Assets B.V.’s patent US 7309595 B2 deals with Protein hydrolysates enriched in peptides having a carboxy terminal proline residue.
The present invention provides an isolated polypeptide that proline specific endoprotease activity, selected from the group consisting of: (a) a polypeptide having an amino acid sequence having at least 40% amino acid identity with amino acids 1 to 526 of SEQ ID NO: 2 or a fragment thereof; (B) a polypeptide encoded by a polynucleotide that hybridizes under low Stringency conditions with (i) the nucleic acid of SEQ ID NO: 1 or a part thereof that is at least 80 % or 90% identical over 60, preferably over 100 nucleotides, more preferably at least 90% identical over 200 nucleotides, or (ii) a nucleic acid sequence that is complementary to the nucleic acid SEQ ID NO: 1.

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