Vacuum-type electrical switching apparatus

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The Thomas & Betts International, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Various devices used to control the flow of high voltage electrical power (for example more than 1,000 VAC) in electric utility and industrial applications. Such devices include circuit breakers, reclosers, capacitor switching, automatic and non-automatic sectionalizers and air-switch attachments, and they discussed with the general terms switch or switching apparatus. As semiconductor switching existed, mechanical transfer still preferred for very high voltage applications. Such devices include the mating electrical contact points are separated from each other to block the flow of current and uniting to allow current flow through the switch. To interrupt the electrical circuit when opened, the contacts are often immersed in oil that has a high dielectric strength, or they are in an insulating gas such as SF6 or a vacuum pressure on space. Loss of vacuum in a vacuum-type device can considerably arcing occurs when the contact is opened or heating can occur when the contacts are closed, thus causing damage to the contacts and creating the potential for harm to persons located near the switch.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Thomas & Betts International, Inc.’s patent US 7499255 B2 deals with Vacuum-type electrical switching apparatus.
A vacuum-type electrical switch gear (10) for the high voltage electrical power. A vacuum pressure in the case of a vacuum-pressure area (21) around electrical contact points (18) and monitor movement of the contact points between the open and closed positions automatically prevented when the pressure exceeds a predetermined threshold to avoid destructive arcing between the points. A sensor (32) provides a vacuum signal (34) responsive to the vacuum pressure conditions. A controller (36) automatically inhibits movement of the contact point in showing the vacuum signal to the vacuum of shame. A contactor (38) may be placed in series with the power supply (28) and a solenoid (24) used to transfer the contact points, with the contactor automatically opened by the controller in response to rotten state of emptiness. An electromechanical opening inhibitor (74) will be moved to the controller to mechanically control the point of contact from moving to answer the rotten state of emptiness.

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