Compliance audit for integrated emergency medical transportation database system

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The Golden Hour Data Systems, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

This invention relates to an integrated system of medical database. More specifically, this invention relates to a filter for a medical database of emergency medical transportation industry.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Golden Hour Data Systems, Inc.’s patent US 7734481 B1 deals with Compliance audit for integrated emergency medical transportation database system.
An integrated medical database system for business emergency medical transportation. In one part of the invention, the system includes a dispatch and demographic module, a clinical module, an administration module and a billing module. Each module to communicate data with one or more other modules to form a system for use in data sharing, thus achieving an end-to-end automation emergency care in medical accounting. Internal consistency checks on the use of specific libraries to amend the rules on data made by the system to ensure that proper treatments made according to a choice diagnosis. The system includes a compliance audit module operate at data from dispatch module and clinical module. The compliance audit module checks to ensure that the data is consistent with high risk compliance areas. The results of the compliance audit module to send to the billing module.

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