Determining the capability of a test compound to affect solid tumor stem cells

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The The Regents Of The University Of Michigan patent solves the following problem:

Cancer remains the number two cause of death in this country, resulting in more than 500,000 deaths each year. Despite progress in detection and treatment, cancer mortality remains high. Despite remarkable progress in understanding the molecular basis of cancer, this knowledge has not yet translated into effective therapeutic strategies.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

The Regents Of The University Of Michigan’s patent US 8044259 B2 deals with Determining the capability of a test compound to affect solid tumor stem cells.
A small percentage of cells in a firm with strong tumor properties of stem cells. These strong tumor stem cells give rise to two more tumor stem cells and the majority of tumor cells that have lost the capacity for growth and the ability to give rise to new tumors. Therefore, strong tumor heterogeneity appeared before the tumor cell line arising from a strong tumor stem cells. A xenograft model in which we can build in tumors from primary tumors by injection of tumor cells in mammary England severely immunodeficient mice. These xenograft assay allows us to do the biological and molecular assays virtue clonogenic strong tumor stem cells. We also found evidence that strongly implicates the notch road, especially to notch 4, as playing a central pathway of carcinogenesis.

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