Packet mirroring between primary and secondary virtualized software images for improved system failover performance

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The Avaya Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Repeated applications software using the state-of-the-art Virtual Machine (VM) technology platform and is a powerful and flexible way to provide high that guarantees the user application software. Using vendors can take advantage of VM technology to build confidence in their solution by making several photos (or copies) of the application software running synchronously, but independently of one another. These images can be run on the same physical device, for example, a general purpose application server, or in multiple, decoupled VM vessels, or they may develop across many physical computers decoupled vessels VM. Multiple VM replications plan is, but in general, VM solution to a leading image software that deliver software services for users and then to a secondary or tertiary backup image to a standby server that can up for the first in the event of a failure. The backup images generally synchronized at different intervals during the update of the data structures and database backup servers to track the changes that have occurred since the last time the update data simultaneously happened. called together and make these solutions provide dramatic improvements in the ability of a software application vendor to guarantee that users receive reliable access to services in software application.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Avaya Inc.’s patent US 8145945 B2 deals with Packet mirroring between primary and secondary virtualized software images for improved system failover performance.
Packet loss on a standby server during failover results when the first fails. There is always a certain amount of packet traffic inbound to the first lost during the interval failover. With current solutions, this packet loss during the failover is inevitable. The problem is that when this information is lost, the standby is the case at the end of the work, so the standby state with information that is old and deputy state system only proper state system during the ever do. One solution is a way in which all inbound data package targets given to a leading software application, such as a virtualized software application, running on a virtual machine, continued monitor and copied to a copy Network Device for simultaneous delivery to a backup software application running on a standby system.

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