Drag reducing apparatus for a vehicle

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The Aerodynamic Trailer Systems, Llc patent solves the following problem:

Various devices are known to increase the flight efficiency of a truck, semi trailer, or other large moving objects. It has long been recognized that the rectangular high profile figure in these cars and the speeds needed for the increase in travel flight drag. Reduce aerodynamic drag will significantly reduce the overall fuel consumption and harmful air emissions. The present disclosure relates to the increase in air inflatable life for back or face the aft face of a transport trailer, for example, the wind deflector boattails be mounted on trailers that use the swing or roll up door with a box van or other trailers that often operate at speeds routinely in excess of 35 mph.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Aerodynamic Trailer Systems, Llc’s patent US 8444210 B2 deals with Drag reducing apparatus for a vehicle.
The present disclosure provides for drag reduction in a moving things through the atmosphere, thus increasing fuel efficiency. This is accomplished by tying an inflatable boattail (ie drag reducer) to the aft face or the back end of a vehicle or trailer, thus delaying the flow separation to a point further downstream and reduce the intensity of the negative pressure in the aft face.

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