Secure virtualization environment bootable from an external media device

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The Citrix Systems, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

As the number of mobile employees, remote employees, guests and employees role-based employees increases, so the demand for computing systems that restrict the information contained in each type of employee, and shut personal data an employee from the work-related data. Many companies give their employees with laptops, remote access to the company Intranet, remote access to applications used by an employee, remote access to files on an employee, and access to remote desktop, virtual machine, or remote applications. In many instances, employees have access to company resources from any location, using any machine and / or network.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Citrix Systems, Inc.’s patent US 8560826 B2 deals with Secure virtualization environment bootable from an external media device.
Methods and systems for creating a secure virtualization environment on a host of devices, without modification to the host device, secure virtualization environment bootable from an external media device. A host of computation load device and boots on a common operating system image stored on an external media device. A client agent stored on external media device and comply with the common operating system creates an adapted operating system image by copying the operating system of the device hosts Computing, removing all unnecessary files and data and storing the adapted operating system images on external media device. The host computing device provides a secure virtualized environment by pregnant adapted operating system images.

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