Virtual ad hoc network testbeds for network-aware applications

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The Telcordia Technologies, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Testing and evaluation of the functional correctness and communication performance of distributed applications in the Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANETs) pose significant challenges to both feasibility and scalability. With respect to feasibility, ad hoc network hardware is always experimenting and available only in small quantities, thus facilitating evaluation of more than a few devices hardware is either infeasible or impractical for the reasons costs. With respect to scalability, running large-scale evaluation of MANETs a physical terrain very expensive in terms of logistics, so that the number of tests to be performed less often than enough .

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Telcordia Technologies, Inc.’s patent US 8874776 B2 deals with Virtual ad hoc network testbeds for network-aware applications.
A virtual ad hoc network testbed capacitates instrument in a testbed to support the execution of network-aware applications as is. Network aware applications are a special class of applications that interact with a network not only by using the network for communication purposes, but also to configure or read the status of network devices. Local group management gives way to automatically build standard Apis for access to information residing in a simulated or live network, and instantiate this Apis. testbed designed to connect to a standard management module (such as SNMP) and a simulation or model, starting from a MIB module. testbed uses CORBA as a communication means. The process is divided into two parts, model agent side and that side.

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