Nutritional compositions with coated lipid globules

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The N. V. Nutricia patent solves the following problem:

Breast-feeding is the preferred method of infant feeding. However, there are circumstances that make breast-feeding impossible or less attractive. In the case of children's formula is a good alternative. The composition of modern infant formulas is adapted in such a way that will meet many of the special nutritional needs of the fast growing and developing infant.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

N. V. Nutricia’s patent US 8883219 B2 deals with Nutritional compositions with coated lipid globules.
The present invention relates to a nutritional composition for children and / or children consisting of a lipid component has a lipid globules coated with phospholipids. composition used for increasing bone mineral content, bone mineral density, prevent osteoporosis, and / or control ostopenia.

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