Vehicle fuel economy system

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The StormBlok Systems, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Now most tractor-trailers and about 6-7 mpg fuel leaving significant potential for improving fuel economy of tractor-trailers. Reduced fuel consumption of tractor-trailers that directly impact cost of transportation of goods, serving businesses and consumers alike.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

StormBlok Systems, Inc.’s patent US 8985677 B2 deals with Vehicle fuel economy system.
A fairing assembly for a trailer with a wheel set and a hook, the fairing assembly consisting of a fairing connected to an underside of the trailer intermediate hooks, and the wheels set, the fairing including (i) a pair of opposing lateral surfaces separated by a distance, (ii) a lower surface spaced from the underside of the trailer, and (ii) a first face, the first face substantially spanning the distance, where the first face includes an intake opening, wherein at least one of the lower face or the lateral surfaces include an exit opening, and a flow path fluidly connecting the intake openings and exit openings.

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