Synbiotic mixture

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The Nestec S.A. patent solves the following problem:

The human colon colony in a wide range of bacteria that have both positive and negative effects on gut physiology as well as having other systemic influences. Predominant group of bacteria found in the colon include Bacteroides, bifidobacteria, eubacteria, clostridia and lactobacilli. The bacteria present have fluctuating activities in response to substrate availability, redox potential, pH, O2 tension and distribution in the colon. In general intestinal bacteria can be divided into species that could potentially exert any harmful or beneficial effects on the host. Pathogenic effects (which can cause clostridia or Bacteroides, for example) include diarrhea, infections, liver damage, carcinogenesis and intestinal corruption. Health-promoting effects may be due to inhibition of growth and colonization of harmful bacteria, stimulation of immune functions, improve digestion and absorption of essential nutrients and synthesis of vitamins. An increase in the number and / or activity of bacteria in the genus Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus that have health promoting properties is desirable.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Nestec S.A.’s patent US 9005682 B2 deals with Synbiotic mixture.
This invention relates to a preparation containing a probiotic bacterial strain and a prebiotic mixture comprising 5-70 wt% of at least one N-acetylated oligosaccharide selected from the group consisting Ga1NAc1,3Ga11,4G1c and Ga11,6Ga1NAc1,3Ga11,4G1c, 20- 95 wt% of at least one neutral oligosaccharide selected from the group consisting Ga11,6Ga1, Ga11,6Ga11,4G1c Ga11,6Ga11,6G1c, Ga11,3Ga11,3G1c, Ga11 3Ga11,4G1c, Ga1 1,6Ga1 1,6Ga1 1, 4GIc, Ga1 1,6Ga1 1,3Ga1 1,4GIc Ga1 1,3Ga1 1,6Ga1 1,4GIc and Ga11,3Ga11,3Ga11,4G1c and 2-50 wt% at least one sialylated oligosaccharide selected from the group consisting NeuAc2,3Ga11, 4G1c and NeuAc2,6Ga11,4G1c. The invention is given to food products comprising said preparation and use in preparation for the prevention and treatment of infections.

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