Truck fairing

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The Volvo Group North America, Llc patent solves the following problem:

From increasing fuel costs continue to encourage strict and semi-trailer tractors designers to search for additional, novel ways to improve vehicle fuel economy. Negative effects of airflow during the trip is always a place to focus, and manufacturers reduce aerodynamic drag, for example, again out forms to avoid the restraint force working directly any moving body Airstream encounter. Fairings, things, foil, covered with hoods, rolled under the bumpers, recessed door handles add to the cost of design and weight, and complicate car repair and servicing. Nevertheless, the designers' goal was to offset these negative effects to a general decrease in drag coefficient as car fuel economy may increase.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Volvo Group North America, Llc’s patent US 9027686 B2 deals with Truck fairing.
A truck includes a frame, an operator cab frame, and a drive axle with a differential. differential can be connected to a drive shaft. A fairing for directing the air flow around the differential is attached to the frame before the drive axle and the front differential. fairing may have a non-deflected position and a deflected position.

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