Under trailer aerodynamic control system

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The R Henderson II Robert patent solves the following problem:

This invention relates to the reduction in aerodynamic drag for the transfer of land vehicles; particularly to an improved method and device for reducing the aerodynamic drag and to improved performance and stability of the vehicle on earth by building on and increasing the mass and velocity of the airflow passing under a car.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

R Henderson II Robert’s patent US 9045176 B1 deals with Under trailer aerodynamic control system.
One under the trailer flight control system which increases the air mass, organizations and velocity before mounted again airflow direction panel and a rear airflow modifier mounted on a durable and movable way to the location near the under side of a truck trailer before the trailer wheels and axles to better handle the rush of air around the trailer wheel and axle assembly. In operation, the rear mounted airflow modifier collects the airflow from the front mounted modifiers and routs impinging air to exit through the trailer wheel well past the end of the trailer for the controlled road spray and splash while circling brake and running cold and reduces parasitic drag on the trailer as it moves on highway while reducing driver fatigue through improved handling characteristics.

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