Autonomous computer session capacity estimation

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The Citrix Systems, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Providing end users with a virtualization environment may present load balancing challenges. The other load balancing system to fail to respond to all these challenges. Systems designed to deliver a virtualized environment on an end user must load balance user load among different physical machines include systems. There are many challenges associated with trying to forecast and plan for the amount of resources needed for a particular user. At any point in time, a user who needs more or less resources. When a system is overloaded or not properly load balance, the system may not be able to provide a user with the necessary resources in a reasonable amount of time thereby reducing the user- experience of an end user.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Citrix Systems, Inc.’s patent US 9052953 B2 deals with Autonomous computer session capacity estimation.
Systems and methods disclosed estimates and update the capacity associated with the resources in a virtualized computing environment. A capacity value estimation can be stored in computer memory. The rate of capacity estimation to estimate how many simultaneous sessions in a virtualized computing resources around work desirably staff capacity. The system can monitor one or more resource resource consumption metrics on an ongoing basis. The capacity price projection will be updated based on, inter alia, the monitoring. The capacity value estimation can be used when a request received to create a new session of resources.

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