Cross-environment event notification

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The Z124 patent solves the following problem:

This relates generally to the field of mobile environments Computing, and especially to support many user environment through the use of multiple operating systems on a single mobile computing device.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Z124’s patent US 9071625 B2 deals with Cross-environment event notification.
A mobile computing devices with a mobile operating systems and desktop operating systems running simultaneously and independently on a shared grain without virtualization. The mobile operating system provides a user experience for mobile computing devices that case the mobile environment. The desktop operating system provides a complete desktop user experience when the mobile computing device is docked to a second user environment. Cross-around title and event handling allow the user to be informed and to respond to events that occurred in the mobile operating system by about user associated with the desktop operating system. Events that may trigger cross-around title will be local events and / or isolated events. The mobile computing device may be a smartphone running the Android mobile operating system and a complete desktop Linux distribution on a modified Android kernel.

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