Determining usefulness of a data alert

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The Domo, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Domo, Inc.’s patent US 9082282 B1 deals with Determining usefulness of a data alert.
An alert to provide a user notification when a cause that situation regarding the operation of a business that satisfied. Before making the alert, a proposed trigger alert conditions can be received. The trigger conditions can be compared to a database of operational data related to business operations over a period of time to obtain the historical data purposes. The historical data in the vise may indicate how the proposed alert would work if applied to the operational data for the period of time, for example, by showing how the many times the alert may be triggered during the period of the season. The historical data in the vise can be given to a user, and facilitate user determination if the proposed alert will perform as intended. Once the desired proposed alert entered, user can put the proposed alert as a real alert.

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