Portrait dual display and landscape dual display

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The Z124 patent solves the following problem:

A substantial number of handheld devices Computing, such as cellular phones, tablets, and E-Readers, make use of a touch screen display will not only save the display information to the user, but also to take inputs from the user's command interface. While touch screen display can increase the configurability of the handheld device and to provide a wide variety of user interface options, this flexibility often comes at a price. The two use the touch screen to provide for and receive user commands, while flexible for the user, in order to obfuscate the display, and cause visual clutter, thus leading to user frustration and loss of yield.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Z124’s patent US 9152179 B2 deals with Portrait dual display and landscape dual display.
Methods and devices for controlling the output shown associated with the application in connection with a large screen device given. Particularly, an application presented to the devices in a two-picture orientation used the first screen to display the control information, and use the second screen to show the inside information. An application presented to the creation of a two landscape orientation use the first screen and the second screen to show the inside information.

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