Dynamic expansion of data visualizations

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The Domo, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Domo, Inc.’s patent US 9202297 B1 deals with Dynamic expansion of data visualizations.
A user can dynamically present and control the performance of secondary visualizations of data based on a selected element in a main data-aw. Introduction of secondary data visualizations presented as the user interact with the first look. In response to user input, the introduction can be dynamically expanded, allowing a user to dynamically drill down to select the elements in the first data-aw. Any input mechanisms should be used, including for example, an action like a two-finger spreading in motion to celebrate the introduction in secondary visualizations, where the axis defined by two point of contact determines that showed advanced secondary visualizations highlighted and / or expanded. In various embodiments, a hierarchy of visualizations can be strengthened, and the user can navigate between the two or more levels of interactive visualizations same way.

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