Automated suggested alerts based on natural language and user profile analysis

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The Domo, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Domo, Inc.’s patent US 9235978 B1 deals with Automated suggested alerts based on natural language and user profile analysis.
An alert suggestion generator to automatically suggest alert for a user based on user input. The user input may include natural language text and / or user actions that suggestion generator able to generate alert that there is a high tendency to relate, and therefore will, to the user. Each alert will have a reason for existence as the passage of time, the measure of a numeric metric, or other factors. Each alert also has a state proclamation clear how the user is announced. The alert suggestion generator to get a user profile of the user in addition to determining how alert that is most relevant to the user. The user will be queried to confirm the alert, and the alert that they set. Partial alarm will be generated and user can be queried for the trigger condition and / or state announcement needed to complete the alert.

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