Methods for promoting neuronal development and/or health

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The Mead Johnson Nutrition Company patent solves the following problem:

The brain has only 2% of the total weight of the body, but it is a difficult organ used in 30% of calories in the day and nutrients. (Harris, JJ et al, The Energetics of CNS White Matter jour Neuroscience, January 2012: 32 (1): 356-371). The human brain and nervous system begin construction early in prenatal life and the two continue to develop until the age of three. This early development may have lifelong effects on overall brain and nervous system health. Therefore, brain nutrients become important additives in the diet of infants, children and pregnant and lactating women because of their ability to improve early brain development and the prevention and protection from brain and nervous system injury or illness. Moreover, brain nutrition is important for adults, as many nutrients to the developing nervous system to repair and provide neuroprotective benefits to health.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Mead Johnson Nutrition Company’s patent US 9241923 B2 deals with Methods for promoting neuronal development and/or health.
The present disclosure is directed to methods for improving neuronal health and / or development of a subject by providing nutritional composition comprising a neurologic component, wherein the neurologic component to develop the brain and nervous system development and further provide neurological protection and repair. The neurologic component may include lactoferrin, zinc sulfate, one or more organosulfur compounds, and mixtures thereof.

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