Dosage and formulation

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The Almirall, S.A. patent solves the following problem:

Aclidinium bromide is 3 (R) – (2-hydroxy-2,2-dithien-2-ylacetoxy) -1- (3-phenoxypropyl) -1-azoniabicyclo [2.2.2] octane bromide, described in, for example WO 0104118. Although this compound is known as a long-acting anticholinergic useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases, the optimal dose was not disclosed.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Almirall, S.A.’s patent US 9254262 B2 deals with Dosage and formulation.
The present disclosure relates to pharmaceutical compositions for inhalation comprising aclidinium in the form of a dry powder in a pharmaceutically acceptable salt in admixture with a pharmaceutically acceptable dry powder carrier, providing a metered nominal dose of aclidinium equivalent to about 200 micrograms aclidinium bromide.

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