Method for initiating a consumable-based cycle of operation

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The Whirlpool Corportion patent solves the following problem:

The invention relates to the use of consumables through a communication device on a network creatures, and especially, the choice of appliance from a plurality of appliances that have an event associated with consumable.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Whirlpool Corportion’s patent US 9277188 B2 deals with Method for initiating a consumable-based cycle of operation.
One way to start a cycle of operation based on a consumable includes providing a consumable reader with a software architecture configured to image data, talk on the one network, and recognition functionalities of appliances based on a unique identification associated with each time a functionality, imaging data of the consumable use consumable reader; Taking cycle data associated with the consumable based on imaged data; know, the software architecture in at least one activity associated with the data cycle; selecting from the plurality of appliances is an appliance with at least one activity using the unique identifier associated with a time of at least one event; and communicating the data cycle to the selected appliance on the network the appliances where the selected appliance becomes a cycle of operation associated with the consumable usage data cycle.

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