Air fairing for frameless trailer

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The Mac Trailer Manufacturing, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates generally to systems and devices that increase aerodynamic efficiency. Particularly, the invention relates generally to a wind fairing or trailer skirts on trailers. In particular, the invention relates to an air fairing for a frameless trailer.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Mac Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.’s patent US 9283998 B2 deals with Air fairing for frameless trailer.
An air fairing device connected to the bottom under a frameless trailer improve flight efficiency and improve fuel economy. A picture of the wind fairing device provides a wind deflector position ahead of a trolley that supports the frameless trailer on a back end. The second image in the air fairing device provides two things mounted under the frameless trailer. The first deflector is attached and handed down from one sustain arm, said arm connecting the trailer of a semi-tractor or truck. The second deflector connected below the bottom of the frameless trailer and positioned behind the first deflector and the side of the trolley. A third image is similar to the second, but further includes a third deflector positioned between the two axles of the trolley.

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