Self-deploying apparatuses, assemblies, and methods for drag reduction of land vehicles

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The Aerovolution Corporation patent solves the following problem:

The present disclosure relates to drag reduction for land vehicles, such as trucks, tractor-trailer trailer, buses, recreational vehicles and the like. Drag generated by a vehicle shall be proportional to the surface area of ​​the vehicle, and the larger vehicle on earth will be particularly concerned with reducing drag to reduce fuel consumption. While some drag reduction devices for cars on land known, devices of this kind may have limitations and is not suitable for all applications. For example, known drag reduction devices are often designed to attach to the frame of a truck cargo door. Thus, the drag reduction device must be pulled to the side of the truck body and / or opened to access to the cargo door. It can be inconvenient as it may add extra steps by a freight operator reach. This may be especially drawback for cargo or other shipping operators who will operate under the tight schedule. Alternate and / or improved devices for drag reduction would be desirable.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Aerovolution Corporation’s patent US 9333993 B2 deals with Self-deploying apparatuses, assemblies, and methods for drag reduction of land vehicles.
Examples of drag reduction equipment and assemblies for vehicles on land, and especially for attachment to a door of a car in the country operated by a cam lock bar, described. A drag reduction apparatus may include a plurality of panels foldedly became and automatically deployable to a configuration revealed. The panels can be combined with a base panel with the car door on the ground with a double-hinge mechanism actuated cam lock bar. The double-hinge mechanism to draw the base panel to the centerline of the car behind the land to allow the door to fully open the drag reduction apparatus attached. The tools can be attached to two adjacent gates on a land vehicle and a plurality of panels in a door configured to overlap with a plurality of panels in the adjoining door.

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