Adjustable side under-ride guard for sliding axle trailer

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The Stephen Allen Batzer, , Patrick Keith Rogers patent solves the following problem:

The recognized hazard of side collision against dragged trailers traced at least back in 1938 that Robinson invented a peripheral guard for a hook-mounted trailer. See US Pat. No. 2,002,832. In his patent teaches a fixed whole periphery kept for a towed trailer with fixed rear axle. This non-regulated system to guard against the impact on the trailer from all directions.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Stephen Allen Batzer, , Patrick Keith Rogers’s patent US 9352714 B2 deals with Adjustable side under-ride guard for sliding axle trailer.
A side under-ride collision guard described configured sitting in a large trailer equipped with a sliding rear axle, consisting of one or more energy absorbing structures cut wood axially adjustable for the position included in a multiplicity of similar barriers to diminish the impact hazard to other users paths presented lower axial edge (s) in the cargo compartment of the region (s) among the back the wheels of the trailer and the trailer back under-ride guard and / or between a stationary side under-ride guard and publicly trailer's wheels.

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