Aerodynamic device for the rear of a trailer

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The Trailstar International, Inc. patent solves the following problem:

The present invention relates generally to the field of aerodynamic devices to reduce drag. Particularly, the present invention relates to a flying device adapted to extend from the back of a trailer or semi-trailer container. In particular, the present invention relates to an air intake scoop and an inflatable member extending outwardly from a trailer.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Trailstar International, Inc.’s patent US 9371097 B1 deals with Aerodynamic device for the rear of a trailer.
A flying device for a trailer includes an inflatable member with a back wall of a trailer adapted to inflate its rearwardly to reduce drag as the trailer pulled forwardly. The flying device further includes an air intake scoop mounted under the rear wall of the trailer in fluid communication with inflatable member filling the inflatable member in the air as the trailer moves forward.

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