User interface with independent drawer control

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The Z124 patent solves the following problem:

While the computing and communications functions for handheld devices Computing becomes more powerful, the user interface and display elements such devices have evolved by trying to adapt user interface regime for the personal computer for use in handheld devices Computing . However, this attempt to adapt the user interface of the regime met with various obstacles.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Z124’s patent US 9405444 B2 deals with User interface with independent drawer control.
Methods and apparatus for controlling the display of one or more drawers with a user interface to provide a new user interface interaction. The drawers can be opened in response to a motion input to display the data announcement, application data, contact data, calendar data, weather data, and the drawers can be opened and / or closed individually or collectively. For example, a character in action (eg, a place of action) may determine that the drawer was opened in response to the motion input.

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