Rear-mounted retractable aerodynamic structure for cargo bodies

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The Stemco Lp patent solves the following problem:

Trucking is the primary means of long-distance and short-haul transportation of goods and materials in the United States, and in many other countries. Trucks often include a motorized cab where the driver sits and working on cars. cab attached to a box-like cargo section. Smaller trucks often include an integrated cargo section sitting in a unified framework which extends from the front wheels to the rear wheel assembly. The larger trucks often includes a detachable cab unit, with many driven axles, and a special trailer with a long box-like cargo units served on two or more phrases assemblies wheels. These trucks assemblages commonly called semi-trailers or tractor trailers. Most modern trucks' cabs, especially for tractor trailers, fitted with aerodynamic fairings on the roof, side and front. These fairings to help direct air over the exposed surface of the box-like cargo body, generally gave higher (a few feet) than the average roof cab. The flat, projecting front face of a cargo body is a strong source of drag on the cab roof. The use of the front-mounted aerodynamic fairings in recent years have served to significantly lower drag and, therefore, raise fuel economy for trucks, especially those traveling at high speed in the open roads.

Our analysis of this patent is as follows:

Stemco Lp’s patent US 9440688 B2 deals with Rear-mounted retractable aerodynamic structure for cargo bodies.
A flying structure attached to the sides and the top of a truck cargo body (even in a stand-alone trailer or a straight truck cab and cargo area as a fixed the car) aftmost region, often involving a rolling door assembly, rolls upwardly. A navigational structure is permanently attached to the sides and on the trailer in a way that extend past the aftmost truck cargo plane body and withdrawal aftmost truck cargo plane body when subjected to a force, allowing the device to be supported by the structure. Redeems orientation allows for the back of the trailer to be fully accessible for loading and unloading, and does not reduce the size of the opening of the trailer. The various embodiments of the invention allows for automated deployment once the force used to compress the structure to be taken.

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